Marvel Leo

Marvel Leo

Legal Assistant
Marvel Leo

Marvel has worked extensively in boutique law firms, providing administrative support and legal assistance.


She is a highly motivated and ambitious legal professional, currently pursuing a degree in law at RMIT, with a focused interest in specialising in family law. With a strong background in debt litigation, Marvel brings valuable experience to her legal pursuits.

Presently, Marvel plays a crucial role in the operational efficiency of Madison Branson Lawyers, where she adeptly manages invoicing, provides essential administrative support to the legal team, and ensures the smooth functioning of the general office operations.

Beyond her legal endeavours, Marvel dedicates her spare time to sharing her passion for learning as an English tutor. Her ability to communicate fluently in both English and Tamil allows her to connect with diverse audiences and facilitates effective learning experiences.

Driven by a passion for justice and a commitment to continuous personal growth, Marvel possesses a combination of legal expertise, administrative acumen, and diverse linguistic abilities, making her a well-rounded and resourceful professional.

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