Commercial & Corporate Lawyers Melbourne

Whether you are buying or selling a business or commercial premises it is a substantial investment and the right advice can save you thousands and make the process much easier.

We are able to assist you efficiently and cost effectively in any commercial transaction to ensure your interests are protected.

We can provide you with commercial legal advice on a sale or purchase of a business, whether prior or after executing a contract.

We know what questions to ask you to ensure that the sale contract is not only watertight, but considers all of the issues. Selling a business is much more than ticking a few boxes and filing a few forms. The consequences of not getting it right can be disastrous and lead to unnecessary disputes or financial loss.

We add value to you through our experience and negotiation skills. All of our business sale lawyers have several years experience. This makes communication easier between lawyer and you more fluid and means that we are looking for commercial considerations relevant to your transaction and specific to your industry. We are also seasoned negotiators.

Other areas we can assist you with are:

Employment related matters, such as preparing employment agreements;

Preparing loan and mortgage agreements;

Preparing terms of trade;

Preparing partnership and other business agreements.

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Our business advice includes consideration of asset protection, financial management and succession. We consider and advice on the applicability, management and benefit of corporate trading entities, as well as trusts and partnerships. We give legal support to all businesses, from large companies to sole traders.

As commercial lawyers, we can set up and advise on





Specialist entities;


Shareholder agreements.

Once a business venture is established, we are able to provide legal advice on its transactions and provide regular contractual advice, negotiation and drafting services. Some clients require leases, mortgages or liquor licences, and others need franchise agreements, intellectual property protection or employment contracts.

We have a wide field of expertise and resources that allow us to provide you with the necessary support for your business endeavours.

We can draft or review documents in a number of areas including:

Buying and Selling Businesses;

Franchises and Licensing;

Building and Construction;

Shareholder Agreements;

Company Law;

Terms of Trade;

Distribution Agreements.