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Web3 intends to create a more open, transparent, and decentralised internet – giving users more control over their data, identities, and digital assets. The major financial components of this shift in technology involve Blockchain and cryptocurrency – and these are revolutionising the way in which businesses and individuals interact and effect transactions around the world. However, as with any new technology, the legal issues surrounding this area are also still in the process of emerging. We help businesses navigate the ever-changing risks surrounding Web3, blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Closely engaged with Web3 technology, the Madison Branson team have developed a specialist understanding of this emerging field, helping businesses navigate the ever-changing risks surrounding Web3, blockchain and cryptocurrency. We invest significant time upskilling on continuous regulatory changes, are involved in associations relevant to Web3 technology such as Blockchain Australia, and are set up to receive payment in many different cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Our tech-focused team are passionate about the opportunities presented by this technology, and are motivated to help clients navigate this complex and growing area. We are also proud to be an active part of this innovative landscape, working with developers and contributing to discussions around the adoptions of future laws and regulations in this space.

Our specialist team advises in relation to:

  • Fund structuring and fundraising
  • Cryptocurrency and DAO structures
  • Licensing, implementation and compliance
  • Anti-money laundering, proceeds of crime and confiscation litigation
  • Corporate structuring, governance and regulatory advice

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Recent work

  • Establishing and scaling a tech/ Web3 start-up in Singapore, and facilitating their first two raises (currently seeking a valuation of $200m on second raise)
  • Establishment of AUSTRAC DCE (digital currency exchange) licenses for two clients in Australia

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