About us

Madison Branson Lawyers is a commercial law firm, which has
forged a network of member firms, affiliates and strategic

The combination of the expertise of its legal specialists with that network provides clients with tailored and innovative commercial solutions.

Established in 2014, Madison Branson Lawyers has grown quickly into a full-service law firm. Services offered by the firm include commercial law, property law (including building and construction), commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution, proceeds of crime and confiscation, employment law, immigration, family law, wills and estates, and intellectual property. Madison Branson Lawyers attributes its growth to the lawyers in the firm, who strive for excellence and have a keen eye for their client’s ultimate aims.

This vast experience, combined with the firm’s client-focused approach is key to its success. As such, at Madison Branson Lawyers, the client is always at the forefront of its lawyer’s minds. This approach is not always about achieving the most desirable legal outcome for the clients. Sometimes, the legal outcome is not the most desirable at all. To achieve the ultimate outcome, Madison Branson Lawyers prides itself on understanding intricately the personal and business affairs of its clients.

Some recent work highlights

Facilitating a $145m commercial development

Settling a client’s site purchase and facilitating its $145m commercial 11-storey tower development.

Residential development financing of $1bn+

Structuring and settling syndication, commercial and residential development financing for senior, junior mezzanine and preferred equity transactions with gross realisations in excess of $1bn.

147% better settlement offer

Proceeds of crime/confiscation matter that came to us two weeks before trial. We were successful in vacating the trial and we improved their affidavit evidence, which resulted in a settlement offer that was 147% better than the offer made when the last solicitors were involved.

Noticing a rapid technological shift in the industry, Madison Branson Lawyers embraces technology to ensure innovative and efficient legal solutions are provided to its clients in such a way that is expected in the modern business world, whilst retaining traditional values and standards of professionalism and loyalty.

Ultimately, Madison Branson Lawyers is dedicated to providing support to its clients during and after business hours. Staying ahead of, or moving with, the changes in the industry, is critical to ensure that Madison Branson Lawyers continues to exceed its clients’ expectations and to define them.

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