Commercial & Corporate Law

Our senior lawyers provide clear and practical advice on a range of complex commercial and corporate matters.

We leverage our significant and diverse experience and proven track record to achieve the best results for our clients, whatever their business.

We act for clients in a diverse range of industries to provide services in relation to:

  • ASIC, ASX and regulatory compliance
  • Takeovers, mergers & acquisitions
  • Banking & Finance
  • Capital raisings and IPOs
  • Franchising
  • Managed investments
  • Joint ventures, partnerships and trusts
  • Import / export and distribution agreements
  • Superannuation
  • Corporate Governance

At the corporate level, Madison Branson provides a comprehensive selection of services for Melbourne clients in their corporate advisory practice. The company’s corporate advisory services are primarily aimed around the areas of corporate mergers, acquisitions and disposals related to due diligence and tax structuring.

Madison Branson supports the establishment of new companies and in fulfilling secretarial responsibilities at board meetings. We can also assist in listing companies on the ASX and completing buybacks or selling shares. If there are further compliance needs with regards to ASX rules, we can assist in fulfilling those requirements.

Other areas we can provide advice in include:

  • Managing capital or reducing capital deployment
  • Structuring of joint ventures and ensuring ownership structure complies with applicable laws
  • Structuring private equity, investment and exit transactions
  • Applying for financial services licenses


With Madison Branson, new business structures are tailored to the needs of the founders and team. If confidentiality agreements or intellectual property protections are required, we can assist. These fundamentals mechanisms and other ensure that your business is protected from theft. We help new businesses prepare documents for shareholders and other business operational and structural agreements.

Madison Branson further assists in forming agreements for employees and security agreements. Terms and Conditions, Terms of Use, and Privacy Policies are crucial to many of the digital products which most entrepreneurs are looking to build. We can also assist in the fundraising stage, when you are looking to raise capital for growth and expansion.

We have flexible packages and payment terms (including fixed, timed and subscription) to ensure that you can access the high level legal advice as you grow.

Commercial lawyers for businesses focused on growth

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