Joshua Monk

Joshua Monk

Relationship Manager
Joshua Monk

Josh joined Madison Branson Lawyers as a Relationship Manager in August 2018 and brings with him over a decade of experience in client relationship and organisational management.


Josh has a client-dedicated focus, and his primary concern is to ensure that clients are getting what they need.

Josh has a strong medical management and administration background, having previously owned and operated a medical practice in Carlton, Victoria, which he grew to a successful practice following its acquisition in dire straits.

In addition to his background in the medical industry, Josh also delivers expertise in data analytics in fraud and risk Management, working both domestically (Sydney) and internationally (Costa Rica), which often involved sizeable recoveries and restitution in excess of US$2.0m from large fraud syndicates.

With his comprehensive background, friendly and professional approach, and eye for detail, Josh is every client’s dream.

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